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First entry of randomly sought, seemingly relevant thoughts: “One of the uses of reading is to prepare ourselves for change”….fusing “Bacon, Johnson and Emerson into a formula of how to read: find what comes near to you that can be put to the use of weighing and considering, and that addresses you as though you share the one nature, free of time’s tyranny. Pragmatically that means, first find Shakespeare, and let him find you. If King Lear is to fully find you, then weigh and consider the nature it shares with you; its closeness to yourself.”….”Shakespeare, more than Sophocles, is the inescapable authority upon intergenerational conflict, and more than anyone else, upon the differences between women and men.” (from Harold Bloom’s “How to Read and Why” Scribner, New York, 2000. p. 22)

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