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Hello All, the long awaited opening day!  Trumansburg Farmers Market opens tomorrow June 1 and runs through to October 26, 2011.  4pm – 7pm.; Music 5pm – 7pm.  June 1st opens with String Busters and next week, June 8th Traonach is playing.  Great start to the season!  Below is a list of season vendors with some new,  please note: The Good Truck (Mexican food), Wide Awake Bakery (bread!), Damiani Wine Cellars, Jackman Farms, and Gorges Gourds.  Also, thanks goes to Alan Vogel,  John Ullberg, Bruce Vann and the Village DPW staff, along with Andy Norberg and volunteers, for installing electricity in the pavilion booths, and a new entrance into the park….Come check it out….your community park is happenin’ these days!  A community party is in the offing…to thank all who contributed to making this village grant from NYS AG and Markets a success – we have a community gathering place!  Please spread the news!  Opening Day!

2011 Season Vendors:

Meats (organic, pasture-raised, or grass-fed): Autumn’s Harvest Farm (beef, poultry, pork, rabbit, turkey) High Point Farms (beef, poultry), Hector Hill Grass Fed Beef (Cook’s), Windsong Farm (lamb, poultry)

Produce/Herbs/Fruit: Sage Hen Farm, High Point Farms, Waid Apiaries, Hilker Haven Farm,  Three Stone Farm,  Silver Queen Farm, Ronin Farms, Dragonfly Gardens, A & G Fruit Farm, Windsong Farm, (Van Donsel) Family Farm, Bear Acres, Six Circles Farm, Jackman Vineyards

Dairy/Eggs: High Point Farms (eggs), Sage Hen Farm (eggs), Cayuga Lake Creamery, Ronin Farms (eggs), Lively Run Goat Dairy, Muranda Cheese, Three Stone Farm (eggs), Autumn’s Harvest Farm (eggs), Silver Queen Farm

Plants/Flowers: High Point Farms, Silver Queen Farm, Ronin Farms, Graceful Gardens, Dragonfly Gardens

Value-added Ornamentals/Products (baked goods, honey, maple syrup, herbal products, jams/jellies, wine, juices, etc): Silver Queen, Ithaca Bun Company, Waid Apiaries, Maude’s Treasures, Hilker Haven Farm, Ronin Farms, Dragonfly Gardens, Black Diamond Ranch/Loon Cliff Specialties, Savijuice, Windsong Farm, (Ryan’s) Family Farm, Three Stone Farm, (Van Donsel) Family Farm, Wide Awake Bakery

Crafts: Waid Apiaries, Balance Aroma Therapy, Maude’s Treasures, Lolalove Pottery, Gorges Gourds, Looking Glass Designs

Supper Food: On The Street Concessions (gyro & pita sandwiches), Thai Palace (authentic Thai & Lao food), Good Truck (Mexican)

2011 Season Vendor Links:
http://www.HighPointFarms.net   <http://www.cayugalakecreamery.com<http://www.autumnsharvestfarm.com     http://www.windsongfarm.com      http://www.dragonflygardens.org, http://www.livelyrun.com     http://www.savijuice.com    http://www.muranda.com    http://Lolalovepottery.com http://www.threestonefarm.com    http://balancearomatherapy.biz http:www.wideawakebakery.com    http:wwwrosiesgarlic.com

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Tomorrow is the big day!  I’m preparing for a day-long visit to Hartwick College, as a Foreman Performing and Creative Arts Grant Program recipient.  Working with Professor Fauth, I’ll be touring the campus with the Beautification Committee to offer maintenance advice; leading a landscape design workshop and a planting workshop at the main entrance into campus. Snacking deer are becoming such a ubiquitous pest, that it almost seems as if there is nothing that they won’t eat.  However, these images show some of the sun-loving and shade-loving plants around McLallen House B&B that are thus far deer-resistant.

Sun-lovers: spring-flowering: blue forget-me-nots, white candy tuft, white rock cress, shrub: boxwood; summer-flowering: Rose campion, peony, thyme, sun-drops, German iris, Clematis tangutica (July-Aug.); annual in sunken pots: "Shock Wave Rose Petunia."

Shade-Lovers: spring-flowering: Vinca minor, lily of the valley and Narcissus poeticus, shrub: Kerria; summer-flowering: Queen Anne's lace, harebell, annual in sunken pots: "Accent Rose Impatiens."

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