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I have been intimidated by the number of windows in this house ever since we bought it. There are 35 altogether. The windows are “6 over 6” throughout and all but two have storm windows. The ones without storms are modern all weather windows and the smallest in the whole house.

The west side of the house gets the dirtiest because it faces Bradley Street and Rt. 96 and the prevailing wind. On Tuesday I started with those windows on the ground floor. Not only are they the dirtiest, but they are also the ones that the guests look at during breakfast. Now they are clean. This afternoon I cleaned the windows of the French doors on the front porch. The south side of the house is the second dirtiest.

Once I get going on windows I wonder why I put it off. It is sort of a rewarding job, really. When they are cleaned there is such a big difference and you refine your technique as you go along, so they go more quickly and you fall into a sort of rhythm.

I am using a squeegee for the first time. I bought them years ago and forgot about them. I am a habitual user of newsprint for cleaning windows. This time I use the squeegee for the first pass and then clean up the corners, edges and tough spots with the newsprint.

I’ll just keep doing a few at a time over the next few weeks and then I will be done until next spring.

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First daffodils

Last weekend we called up Soil and Water and asked them, “Do you have any fern left?” and they said, “Six bags,” and we said, “We’ll take them.”

On April 23 I’ll drive over to Dryden and pick them up. The Soil and Water Conservation Service is a part of the USDA. They sell herbaceous plants and shrubs every spring at very low prices.  The ferns come in bags of ten plants, five species in pairs.

We bought four bags last year and the survival rate was pretty good. It actually might have been 100 percent. Sometimes when you plant a fern it will just sit there for a year before deciding to send up some greenery.

The offending Potentilla

We’ve got a Potentilla bush right in front of our front stairs that I have been wanting to move every since we moved in. It isn’t an Abbottswood, because the flowers are yellow, not white, but it has pretty much the same habit. It is planted right at the corner between the walk to the front steps from the sidewalk and the walk that wraps around the east side of the house. It is annoying to brush up against, shovel snow around and mow around. It needs to get a new home. That will happen this month sometime. It is still a little wet right now and it still might snow again.

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